Rewards Club

Rewards Club Details and FAQ

Earn $10 for every $250

Earn rewards dollars on all your purchases to spend gearing up for your next adventure! Sign up for our rewards club at the bottom of our website in the "stay connected" section or just make a purchase and you'll automatically start earning rewards!

Rewards Club FAQ

Why should I join the rewards program?

All the cool kids are doing it... But seriously, who doesn't want money back? If you love shopping at Uncle Dan's, Erehwon or Rock/Creek, help us help you get get rewards dollars back on your purchases! Plus, throughout the year, we'll have exclusive VIP products, promotions, and perks only available to Rewards Club members. We promise you don't want to miss out.

Am I already a member of this Rewards Club?

We'd love to help you find out! Give us a call at 888-246-4453 to talk to our customer service team and have them look up your name in the database. Or head into your nearest store to ask a staff member face to face.

How do I join the Rewards Club?

Easy! If you know you're not already a member or have never shopped at with us before, scroll up to the top of any page on our website and click on "Register" at the top right side of the screen. Fill out your name, email, create a password, and make sure you're signed up for our email updates to stay informed about new products, events, and sales coming up!

How do I earn rewards dollars?

By shopping with us! For every $250 you spend at Uncle Dan's, Erehwon and Rock/Creek, a $10 voucher in rewards dollars will be generated at the beginning of the next month. You can then use those rewards dollars toward your next purchase in-store or online.

How do I redeem my rewards?

At the beginning of each month, the rewards you've been earning during the previous month will break out of their cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly of available, spendable credit. You'll get an email voucher telling you how much you have in rewards: $10 generated for every $250 that you spend. The email will have a voucher code that you can use as a gift card online or show to a staff member to apply to in-store purchases. If you have lost the email voucher and would like to check your available rewards dollars, stop by one of our stores and our staff will look up your available balance, help you with questions about products, and maybe even tell you a groan-worthy, punny joke! You can also contact us during normal business hours (9-5 CST) on our toll-free customer service line: 888-246-4453.

Are there any exclusions on purchases that earn rewards points?

Nope! BUT, we do reserve the right to change this at any time without notice. We'll do our level best to keep you in the loop, though. There may be black-out dates on earning points, or promotions when you can earn more points than normal, so keep checking our email updates for news!

Do my rewards dollars expire?

Yes, your rewards dollars voucher expires 90 days after it is issued and emailed to you. Don't worry, we'll send you a reminder about the impending doom and we reserve the right to consider each voucher on a case to case basis.

Didn't answer your question? Shoot us an email at, call us toll-free at 888-246-4453, or live chat from any page on our website. We do our best to be available during normal business hours (9-5 CST) during the week and we'd love to hear from you!

For some light reading, read the full terms and conditions of our rewards program.